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Hello! Welcome to Week 4 of the Summer Term. Please find the daily activities for you to do at home. If you have any questions, please email me!

Please continue to work through Spelling Frame as the activities on there are specific to the Year 2 spelling patterns we have been learning.


We will be carrying on with Measurement this week. Please use the link below to access the daily tasks in the Summer Term Week 2 tab starting with Lesson 1 -Compare Lengths.


In class we have used the 'Talk for Writing' technique developed by Pie Corbett to help us with our writing, particularly when we were learning about letters. This is why all the children came home and started reciting a letter about a trip to the moon with actions! Pie Corbett and his team have developed some Home Learning packs that I think are a great way to engage in a story, revise grammar and be imaginative all at once! I have attached the pack below - Y2 - Unit The Magic Box, which has 7 main activities to do during the week. One of them is a craft activity, so you can choose to do this if you'd like! Work through them at your own pace too, some of the activities flow nicely on from each other so if you're on a roll, you may want to carry on. Equally, if you don't manage to get them all done this week, then carry on next week too! 

Topic - Computing

Using the website below, we are going to revise what we know about programming.

Day 1: Follow the links and watch the videos for 'What is an algorithm' and 'What is code?'. There is a coding game to play afterwards to decide which objects can be programmed.

Day 2: Follow the links and watch the videos for 'What are computer bugs?' and 'How do you program a robot?'. There is a programming game to play after to program a robot to deliver a parcel.

Day 3: Visit and choose the community map in left hand drop down menu. Your mission is to program your Bee Bot to get to the: Bank, Fire Station and Pizza restaurant. So that's three different algorithms starting at 'Our Town' each time. I know you can do it!

Day 4 and 5: Explore and discuss the pages below about staying safe online.

When you have done this and are happy that you understand what it all means, create an e-safety poster that we could display in school to help others know why staying safe online is important and what thet can do to keep themselves safe.