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Hello! Welcome to Week 5 of the Summer Term. Please find the daily activities for you to do at home. If you have any questions, please email me!

Please continue to work through Spelling Frame as the activities on there are specific to the Year 2 spelling patterns we have been learning.


We will be looking at Addition and Subtraction this week. Please use the link below to access the daily tasks in the Summer Term Week 3 tab starting with Lesson 1 - Fact Families Addition and Subtraction Bonds to 20.


I have attached another Talk for Writing Home Learning Pack below - Y2 - Emma and the Elves. There are 11 activities in this booklet, like last week some flow on from others and include responding to the story, grammar practise, a science investigation, post card writing, story writing, riddles and costume designing! Enjoy!

Topic - Religious Education - Judaism - Shabbat

We would have been learning all about Shabbat in school this term so I have set you some challenges to find out all about it!

Day 1: Watch this video which explains what Shabbat is. (I know it says KS2 but the KS1 video is a bit dated!)

Discuss these questions together to ensure you have understood:

1. Which religion celebrates Shabbat?

2. Why do Jews celebrate Shabbat? (day of rest in Bible/Torah and one of the Ten Commandments)

3. When is Shabbat observed and for how long?

4. What can't you do on Shabbat? Why?

5. What can you do on Shabbat?

6. How is Shabbat welcomed in each week? (see 2:08 onwards in video)

7. Why is Shabbat important to Jews?

Day 2: Use the Welcoming Shabbat PowerPoint to recap and find out some more about Shabbat. Activity: Use the Shabbat Objects sheet to complete one of the challenges below:

Challenge 1: Match up the pictures to their names

Challenge 2: Match them up and write a bit more about what they are and what they mean. (You could draw them instead of printing)

Challenge 3: Create a storyboard or comic strip about how Jews welcome Shabbat and make sure you mention all the objects in the pictures.

Day 3: Explore the Jewish (and Christian) creation story using the Creation Story PowerPoint below. You can either complete the Creation Wheel to remember the story or rewrite the story in your own words using pictures - be as creative as you want!

Day 4: During Shabbat, Jews can only do certain things as it is a day of rest. Here is a list of things that Jews are not allowed to do on Shabbat:

1. Lighting a fire

2. Carrying anything outdoors in a public space

3. Cooking

4. Cleaning, except some washing for hygiene (like washing your hands before eating, or cleaning a fresh cut in the skin)

5. Traveling more than about 3 km (2 miles) from your city or home

6. Writing

7. Farming work

8. Sewing

9. Using electricity (except lights)

10. Building or DIY

Challenge: What do you think would be good about not having to do some of the things on the list and why? What do you think might be hard and why? Present your ideas however you like!

Day 5: Write a poem using the Shabbat Acrostic Poem sheet to reflect on what you have learned about this Jewish celebration.