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Hello! Welcome to Week 2 of the Summer Term. Please find the daily activities for you to do at home. If you have any questions, please email me!

Please continue to work through Spelling Frame as the activities on there are specific to the Year 2 spelling patterns we have been learning.


We will be carrying on with Fractions this week. Please use the link below to access the daily tasks in the Week 2 tab starting with Lesson 1 -Recognise a Third.


Day 1- Watch these clips of the whole book!

Chris Wormell reading it:

A video with the text visible:

In response to our reading, we have done this activity in class a few times. Record your likes, dislikes, puzzles and patterns about the book.

Likes - what did you like about it and why? The characters, setting, plot, language, pictures etc?

Dislikes - Is there anything you didn't like (because it's ok to be critical!)?

Puzzles -What questions do you have about the story? Is there anything you are still wondering? For example: Where did the Dragon go?

Patterns- Does it remind you of anything else you have read, watched or experienced?

Day 2 - Character analysis. What is George like as a character? Can you think of some words to describe his personality (kind, thoughtful, brave) and some words to describe his appearance (small, button nose, beady eyes etc)

Day 3 - I have attached below, the real legend of George and the Dragon. Choose a challenge, have a read and work through the comprehension questions at the end.

Day 4 - Story Comparison. What is the same about the two George and the Dragon stories? What is different about them? You could do this is a table, venn diagram, list... be creative!

Day 5 - I have attached below a SpaG Mystery (like the maths ones that are on here!) that is linked to George and the Dragon. Have a go and see if you can solve the Mystery of the St George's Sword Snatcher!

Topic - Science - Plants

Day 1 - Watch the videos here to find out about the life cycle of plants and how seeds are spread in different ways. Do the quiz at the end and make sure you can explain what you have found out to an adult.

Day 2 - Lifecycle of a bean plant activity (below). Have a look through the PowerPoint below about Lifecyles and complete the activity. You don't have to print the sheet - you could draw it yourself. Challenge: Can you also add labels and a description to explain what is happening at each stage? You MUST use the words: seed, germinate, roots, water, soil, food, seedling, shoots, stem, leaves, sunlight, flowering plant, bean pod, grow

The links to the videos on the Powerpoint don't seem to be working so here they are:

Life Processes:

Mimosa Plant:

Day 3- 5 - Have a look at the powerpoint below called Plants from Around the World. Find out about some interesting plants that can be found all over the world and then choose your favourite to find out some more about. You could create a poster, fact-file, booklet... whatever takes your fancy, to tell us all about the plant.